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The Alex Crow by Andrew Smith

jacket-aspxThe novel The Alex Crow by Andrew Smith is about a refugee and his story from 14-16 years old.  His name is Ariel and  he is compared to a “schizophrenic bomber” and the “diaries of a failed Artic expedition.”  Ariel has had many homes: in a fridge during an army rebel battle, in an army base near a refugee camp, and with his foster family in Sunday, West Virginia.  My favorite character is Max, mostly because of his personality- funny, brave, and confident, and his “out of the box” thinking.  My favorite part is when Cobie Peterson gives a bottle of vodka filled with water and tricked everyone into thinking he had a bottle of vodka.  My rating of this book would be 4.5 stars because of its maturity level, and I would recommend this book to friends.  So those are my thoughts about the book and I hope you liked it!

Submitted my J. K.


Noggin by John Corey Whaley

nogginWhat happens in this story is a hilarious adventure.  Travis Ray Coates is the main character.  Imagine your head getting chopped off, and you are with a new body five years later.  Now Travis needs to catch up with everything:  his family, friends, and his education.  He might be 21, but he has the mind of a 16 year old.  He has to start high school all over again.

My favorite character is the main character Travis.  We get to see what he is thinking, and go on the hardships with him.  My favorite part is when Travis finally gets over that he has to be a normal teenager, and go with it!  So he starts playing video games.  If I were to rate this book, it would be a 4 out 5.  There was some cursing and I felt some inappropriate things, but a very interesting book.  I would recommend this book to a friend.

Submitted by R. T.

Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano

The Perfect Ruin is part of a sci-fi trilogy.  The book starts with the history of how things came to be.  It then switches to a girl named Morgan.  Morgan had a good life until her older brother became a jumper.  Her life went downhill from there.  Her perspective changed drastically.  Three years passed, things were still hard, but she managed.  Until one day something horrific happened which changed things permanently.

My favorite character is Morgan’s brother’s older wife, Alice.  She is a spectacular person with a great personality.  My favorite scene in the entire book is when we first meet Princess Celeste and Prince Azure.  They are constantly fighting and making mistakes.

I give this book an 8/10 because it wasn’t what my choice would be in terms of genre, but it wasn’t a horrible book.  I would recommend this to friends who like sci-fi.

Submitted by J. S. Jacket.aspx

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

hunger gamesAfter reading the The Hunger Games, I would give it a 5 out 5 star rating.  This is a great book for anyone who likes to read science fiction books.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action packed books.  The Hunger Games is about a girl names Katniss Everdeen.  She lives in a place called Panama, where years ago the Capitol and the districts were at war against each other.  The Capitol defeated the districts, and holds the Hunger Games every year to remind the districts of the victory.  During Hunger Games, each district has two tributes picked,  male and female, to fight to death until there is only one left standing.  In District 12, where Katniss is from, Primrose Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are chosen.  Katniss volunteers immediately in place of her half- sister Primrose.  Katniss and Peeta are taken to the Capitol to train for the Hunger Games.  After a few weeks of training, the tributes are put in the arena to fight to the death.  Find out what happens to Katniss by reading the book!

Submitted by TS


BZRK by Michael Grant – 2 Reviews

Grant“In this war, there are only two outcomes: victory or madness” = BZRK.  In this stunning book, a war is going on, but not with guns or missiles but with microbots and robots.  Two people, Noah and Sadie, join a group know as BZRK and they are fighting a war against a wealthy, fanatical and privileged man in this action packed, suspenseful and gruesome yet mysterious book to decide humanity’s future.

Submitted by Bookworm Reviews

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to someone who has an understanding of science, at the nano level. While this book could be confusing at times with all the science, you are able to understand what is happening. This book is about the battle between the Armstrong Fancy Gifts cooperation, who are trying to make the world a better place, by taking away peoples free will and a group of rebellious teenagers. This book is a must read for anyone interested in science.

Submitted by Amar

Dust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry

maberryThe book Dust & Decay (Rot & Ruin) is written by Jonathan Maberry.  It is about two brothers named Benny and Tom who are in a zombie apocalypse.  They meet some other survivors and other types of creatures.  They must survive and try to extinguish the zoms (zombies).
I gave this book 5 stars because I love the amount of action that the author put into this exciting book.  I also love zombie movies and games such as as The Walking Dead and Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies Origins.
Jonathan Maberry put a lot of effort into writing this book which shows.  If you want to kn ow if Benny and Tom survive, you must read this Bram Stoker Award winner.Submitted by JC

The Pledge by Kimberly Derting

DertingThe novel, The Pledge, is a fictional first person piece that takes place in Ludania.  The female protagonist, Charlie, describes her country as a dangerous, strict and violent place to live.  It is segregated into classes that each speak a different language.  If one person in any class speaks in the native but forbidden language, they get killed.
This novel mostly consists of a heroin named Charlie who is 17 and is able to understand and speak all the languages of all the classes.  However, if anyone in Ludania knows Charlie’s secret, they’re at risk of being killed.
Later, she finds this drug-fueled club underground in Ludania.  This place is some kind of place for rebels against the country’s rules.  Charlie meets Max underground and finds out that he speaks an extraordinary language that no one else knows.
My favorite character is the queen and my favorite part is when she gave birth to Charlie.  She gives hopes and dreams to Charlie.  I give this book 4.5/5 stars because the title kind of doesn’t matter with the plot of the story.  Charlie is keeping a secret, not a promise.  I would recommend this book.

Submitted by M.K.

This story brings us a fairytale-like story set in a future where language dictates your class standing.  I wanted to read this book mostly because of the original setting.  However, I found myself not able to connect with the characters.  As a reader, I like to feel what the characters do in the story.  I like to feel their emotions, understand their thoughts with their characteristics.  I didn’t feel any emotions with Charlie the protagonist.  I also never really felt any sort of real romance between her and Max.  However, even though I felt a little distant from the characters, I liked how Charlie had this superpower.  I fell that those who like adventure and mystery/suspense you will like Charlie’s secret of understanding all languages.  I did feel that some parts were harsh about how the people were treated, but overall I thought that this was an interesting book.

Submitted by Tamara

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

JacketIn the story, Enclave, a 15 year-old girl named Deuce is in danger when she finds out that all she knows and loves might be taken away from her.  The story takes place in the future where humans are forced to live underground.  When Deuce goes on a mission with her hunting partner Fade, they find out that freaks (wolflike and humalike monsters) have destroyed a nearby enclave (a small village).  Fade and Deuce rush back to their own enclave and warn the village elders.  The elders do not believe them.  On the third day when they are back in their own enclave, they are exiled to Topside (above ground) and work together to live on their own.  While they are above ground, they make two more friends named Tegan and Stalker.  They eventually find a town and stay there.

Submitted by William

Eve and Adam by Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate (Two Reviews)

GrantAnd girl created boy…that sums up everything in the book.  A girl named Evening gets run over and the accident causes some bad damage.  But soon Evening is met with new problems and new mysteries about Solo and her mother.  What are they trying to do, and how does Eve fit into all of this?  Find out in this action packed, suspenseful and scientific book!

Submitted by Bookworm Reviews

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we modified human DNA? The science fiction novel Eve and Adam explores this idea and many more. The book revolves around teenager Evening (Eve) Spiker, whose mother is a very rich and famous entrepreneur with a company that specializes in DNA and biochemistry. When Eve gets in a car accident, her mother insists on taking her to her facility instead of the hospital. In order to keep Eve busy while she is recovering, she is allowed to “create a human” using a computer widget that lets her play with human DNA. Meanwhile, she meets Solo Plissken, whose parents were killed six years ago. He is now in Mrs. Spiker’s “care”, so he works at her facility. Eve’s best friend Aislin also comes to visit her. During her stay at the Spiker facility, Eve discovers that she was genetically modified as a baby to heal very quickly–her injuries from the accident were gone in only a few days. Solo also discovers a terrifying secret about the Spiker facility and he sets out to show the world this experiment and end Spiker’s business. Eve is mad at her mother for “using her as an experiment” by modifying her DNA, so she decides to help Solo. As Eve, Solo and Aislin venture out, many things are discovered and events happen in between…including Adam coming to life.

There is very little I dislike about this book. I think the book provides a very interesting take on science and what could possibly happen in the future, all while managing to tell a good story. There is one gripe I have, however, and that is–surprise, surprise–the romance. As some of you may have predicted, Solo ends up becoming Eve’s boyfriend. The problem with this is that it’s shoehorned in at the end with no buildup. Solo mentions throughout the story that he likes Eve, but Eve does not share those feelings at all. You could say they have a few moments, but for the most part Eve is just Solo’s ally is they try to expose her mother. Suddenly at the end, they’re making out. I honestly think that ruined the ending. It just didn’t make any sense and seemed like an excuse to have people kissing at the end. Granted, most of the ending was a bit sudden to me…but I digress. Perhaps it’s something you can figure out, anyway. With the ending put aside, Eve and Adam is worth your time if you’re looking for an insightful tale filled with adventure and new discoveries around every corner.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Submitted by Lauren Leon

Legend by Marie Wu

I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars because of its nonstop action and romance.

This book takes place in a land once known as the United States. The 2 main places it takes place are the Republic, and the Colonies, who are frequently at war with each other. A criminal named Day was trying to escape from a crime, but a man stopped him in his way. So, he did whatever he could to get away. The man who stopped him had a sister named June. She is the Prodigy who scored a perfect score on her Trial, and is the only one who has done so. Now, she is tracking him down and trying to bring him to justice. This is all good, but there is one thing. If you want to know what it is, read this book! I recommend this to anyone 13+ who is into stories with action and romance and a thought of what might happen to the US in the future…

Submitted by MC

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