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The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

Jacket.aspxIn the book The Name of the Star, my favorite character is Alistar.  I like Alistar because he is like me, he listens to bands like The Smiths, The Cure, and Clash, and he is always reading in the library on the floor!  The only difference is that he dressed like a person in the 80’s, and his hair was also a 1980’s hairstyle.  Sadly, Alistar had died in March of 1989.  Rory, Boo, Stephen, and Callum are the only ones able to see him, as he is a ghost.  Each of these people had an accident occur in their lives, a near death experience, which is also the reason they are able to see ghosts.  Meanwhile, in the city of London there are “Jack the Ripper” murders going on again, similar to those in 1888.  Rory, the main character has moved here to start a new life while attending school at Wexford.  She meets her new roommate, Jazza, and a boy named Jerome.  Rory and Jerome share some make out sessions here and there as they get to know one another more.  I would rate this book a 10/10.  It was very detailed and left me on the edge of my seat.  I would recommend it to my friends to read.

Submitted by JV


Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

eleanor I really enjoyed Eleanor and Park.  This gave me so many emotions.  What it is, is a love story between two misfits, Eleanor and Park.  It all started when Park moved over to let Eleanor sit down.  He regrets it at first, he thinks of ways to switch seat.  Nobody really liked Eleanor, actually.  Eleanor’s family isn’t that bad except for Richie, her step-dad.  He really made me angry.  I really like Park’s family though.  My favorite character is Eleanor because she didn’t the bullies bring her down.  I look up to people like that.  My favorite part of the book was when Eleanor started reading over Park’s shoulder on the bus.  I liked this part because it is the beginning of the relationship in a way.  I rate this book a perfect 10 because this book got to me.  This is hands down, one of the best books I have ever read, and I recommend this to anyone.  The ending though, I just can’t….

Submitted by Purnava Zakaria

Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo

BuzoOn my search for an enticing new book to read, I came across Love and Other Perishable Items, the debut novel of Australian author Laura Buzo. I picked it up immediately due to the interesting and somewhat relatable (at least for me personally) concept. This young adult novel revolves around 15-year-old Amelia Hayes, an intelligent and opinionated teenager who just started work at a local grocery store. Shortly after her job kicks off, she falls for a coworker of hers, 21-year-old uni (university) student Chris Harvey. Amelia adores this older boy Chris. However, she finds herself almost jealous of the freedom he has being an adult. Despite their age difference, They find themselves talking a lot and spark up a friendship. This only makes Amelia’s infatuation with him become even stronger – so strong that it invades her every thought. Chris does not share these feelings. In fact, he’s not who he comes off to be at all. He is smart like Amelia and has quite the sense of humor, but he’s a rather lonely and somewhat insecure individual, having just broken up with a girlfriend who moved away with another guy. Although he tries to deny it sometimes, he is jealous of other relationships around him. As the story develops, more and more of his attempts to maintain a relationship with several others falls flat, spiraling him into hating everything about his life.

Chris desperately wants a positive change in his life, and Amelia desperately wants Chris. Will either be truly happy in the end? Or will things work out a little differently?

Love and Other Perishable Items might appear as your run-of-the-mill angst-filled teen romance tale to some, but it’s actually very realistic and very clever. The story switches between Amelia and Chris’ perspectives, which provides an interesting take on storytelling and allows the reader to experience “both sides of the story”. The main characters and even some of the supporting ones are all very relatable and realistic. Both teenage and adult readers alike will probably picture themselves in some of these situations – perhaps they are/have been involved in something similar to what the characters are going through. This gives the story an added layer of depth that many others lack sometimes. I can really only give the story a few negatives. The pacing is a it weird, with the period of time between the chapters jumping around at times. Some of the chapters even return to a point in time prior to when the last one left off. Some people may be confused by this – I was for a bit – but it’s a minor point. Also, the rather witty conversations between Chris and Amelia, while entertaining, can drag on a bit, specifically at the few points when they write incredibly rant-filled letters to each other that don’t have that much of an impact on the story. At the same time, however, these exchanges do add to the depth of the characters, so I can’t really give it that much flack. All in all, Love and Other Perishable Items is a very interesting novel that is definitely worth your time if you’re looking for something charming yet realistic. As a fair warning, the book does get rather explicit in terms of language, alcohol use and sexual content, so if you’re sensitive to those kinds of things you might want to look elsewhere. In any other case, though, this one is certainly worth looking at.

Submitted by Lauren Leon

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

FitzpatrickIn the story, My Life Next Door, the main character Samantha has been at first very shy with her neighbors since their house didn’t look very appealing at all.  The neighbors, the Garretts, have another baby and their house looks like a pure mess.  Now, if I was Samantha, I would probably not be very attached to being friendly to them.  Her mom is a high class politician and doesn’t really want Samantha looking much into the Garretts either, since she doesn’t have much of a liking for them.  However, when Samantha meets Jase Garrett, she begins to grow a close bond with him and starts experiencing the world outside of her home.  I feel that the scenes were very appropriate in terms of how the author develops both Sam and Jase’s relationship.  The author shows us how the teens decide beforehand how they will grow their relationship and decide on having sex.  I feel that this book shows you the sides of how a teenage relationship should work.

Submitted by Tamara

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