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Jackaby by William Ritter

jackbyMy review of this book : great!  The reason is because mystery is one of my favorite genres.  This book, Jackaby, is about a girl named Abigail Rook.   She comes to New Fiddleham, England in 1892.  She needs a job and accidentally meets an investigator/detective named R. F. Jackaby.  Jackaby has a superpower which lets him see  other creatures with supernatural powers.  On Abigail’s first case, Jackaby and  her need to find a serial killer  The police think it just an ordinary criminal, but Jackaby and Abigail have different thoughts.  Thanks to Jackaby’s ability they know he is a monster.  The only police officer that believes the two investigators is Charlie Cane.  My favorite part of this spectacular book is when Doctor Who greets Sherlock.  Overall, I loved this book and would love to read the sequel.

Submitted by  Z.H.

A young woman named Abigail Rook has arrived at a small time in New Fiddleham, New England in the 1800’s.  From there, she looks for a job so she can put a roof over her head.  That is where she meets a detective called Jackaby.  He hires her as an assistant since she has good experience.  Jackaby and Abigail must find the culprit of a mysterious serial killer and start their adventure.  My favorite character is Jackaby because he has an eye that can see very out of the ordinary things, and he is good at what he does best.  My favorite part was when Jackaby gave Abigail her own leather cased handbook and a magnifying glass because in the beginning of the book she made a joke about needing them for her position at work.  I give this book an 8 out of 10 because there were parts that were boring, but the mystery was always there.

Submitted by R. T.


Prisoner B-3087 by Ruth Gruener

JacketThis book was sooo good.  I usually don’t like reading books about concentration camps during WWII, but I gave this book a chance and it was really good.  The fact that it was based on a true story made it even more incredible.  The main character, Yanek, is a Jewish boy living in Nazi Poland in the WWII era.  However, that isn’t the amazing part.  What is incredible is he goes through 10 death camps, where most prisoners went through 2 or 3.  But I’m not going to tell you the ending or go any further, because if I do, you won’t get to enjoy the action packed second part of the book.

Submitted by EN

This story is spell-binding, heartbreaking, and definitely something to create tears.  WARNING, if you’re depressed, upset, or very sad, avoid this novel… that’s my opinion.  The tale of Yanek is one to behold with amazement.  This young Polish boy is forced to grow up brutally, in a concentration camp.  He is tortured, demeaned, and broken.  Yet in everyone of those concentration camps, between the unspeakable horrors, Yanek finds small spots of hope and humanity.  There are many Holocaust novels, and this is one of the best.  An 8 out 10.

Submitted by FR Khan

Dodger by Terry Pratchett

PratchettIn the book Dodger, a boy named Dodger is trying to protect a young lady who was harassed.  The young lady’s name is known as Simplicity and Dodger has to outwit Simplicity’s killers to protect both of them.
My favorite character was Solomon, Dodger’s guardian, because he is wise and has seen much of the world by traveling.  If I could rate this book, I would give this book a 10 because the characters are detailed, having lots of personality.  Also, Dodger is know for being a hero throughout the plot, so I enjoyed Dodger’s fame.
I would recommend this book to everybody because Terry Pratchett hooked the reader (me) in by creating twists and betrayals

Submitted by Katherine

Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks

In the book Queen of Hearts, a girl named Marie Claire and her younger brother and sister Luc and Josee are diagnosed with tuberculosis.  They are sent to a sanitarium and kept away from the rest of society.  While looking for a “cure”, Marie Claire’s little brother dies from the illness and she is left angry and alone.  With time she meets a girl named Signy who gives her strength and hope when she believes she has no one.  Signy eventually gets worse and Marie Claire has strengthened enough to move to healthier quarters in the hospital, and has to leave her friend behind.  While in the new section, she meets a guy named Jack and seems to forget about her promises she made to Signy.  With a change of heart, she decides to make Signy her first priority and gives up opportunities to go home and spend time with Jack.  My favorite character would be Jack Hawkings because he’s a positive guy and doesn’t let his illness get the best of him.  My favorite part was when Marie Claire and Jack had their picnic together, because it was the first time when she was really happy.  I would rate the book 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to friends because it is a story about friendship and love for others.  The message is about how friendship can last forever and to never let anything get in the way of that.

Submitted by Chontelle

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