The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks

bunkerdiaryThe Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks is an amazing book.  It highlights how bad life can be, and what can happen on the streets.  The main character, Linus, has an amazing personality, but a not so amazing life.  Living on the streets  teaches him a lot of things about life, but one day his nice personality gets him into trouble.  Every character is different, and the whole story being told from Linus’s perspective shows how much he psychologically changes.  The book does highlight how bad the world can be, but it isn’t so realistic that it gets boring for fiction fans.  The book highlights many of the problems we have in the world:  crime, anger, greed, mental instabilities, disease, depression, and even suicide.  The author knows how to manipulate the readers’ emotions, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying at the end.

Submitted by Salar


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